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What you recieve when you join The Sonhood Society

  • Parenting Courses

    A vault of practical courses, workshops & webinars around topics of parenting boys will be added to on a regular basis. You will have access to all courses in the membership for as long as you are a member. Current offerings (added to monthy) include: The Blueprint: How To Intentionally Parent Your Son; Talking & Listening To Children; The 3 Day Challenge For Parents of Boys; Breaking the Mold: Parenting Without Gender Stereotypes; The Game Changer: Self-esteem; How to Handle the Aftermath of an Explosion; The 3 Pillar Guide to Raising Boys; Grounding Strategies & more.

  • The Sonhood Society Community

    You will join a community of like-minded parents, all trying to do their best in raising their sons. A community that supports you when things got rough, and cheers you on with your successes. A place you know is always there for you ~ that you never need to feel alone again in this parenting journey. The Sonhood Society can provide a place for you to get grounded, to recharge your batteries, to feel you are not alone in your struggles. You can learn how other parents are dealing with issues and get advice on best practices and new strategies to try out.

  • Kathy Imabayashi

    Unlock the power of expert support for your parenting journey with a mentor further down the parenting path. Get regular access to a 40-year experienced children and parenting expert, with a focus on boys' issues. Benefit from live Q&A sessions where you can get real-time answers to your pressing parenting questions. Enjoy the convenience of direct conversation and support, without the high cost of individual coaching. Join now and never parent alone. We all do the best we can, with the tools we have on hand. Being part of this community will add on to those tools!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • "I am really interested but I am already stretched way too thin. I don't think I would have the time needed to make it worthwhile for me right now. "

    Boy, do I get that! And I won't say this won't take some time because in order to get the maximum value out you will need to put some time in. ************************************* If you look at one of the parenting courses each month, you might spend an hour or so scanning it. Then it is up to you how much you want to tackle and start implementing. ************************************* You will want to spend a bit of time in the Community so that you can connect, share and support others, as they support you. But really, most of us find time to do that somehow on social media fairly regularly. ************************************* And you might find you want to take the time to connect to the live Q&As, sometimes to listen in to other's lives, sometimes to ask your own burning questions. That is usually less than an hour. ************************************* So, total, it could be as little as two or three hours a month. If you could add up the hours in a month that you spend in conflict with your son, hours you are desperately hoping Dr. Google can help you with some of your problems, hours lost because of communication conflicts, behaviour misunderstandings, ineffective discipline and punishments, and on and on - you get the gist. Our lives are busy but when being in this membership will actually give you more time, more peace, and more joy in being the parent of a son. And who couldn't use a bit of that.

  • "I am already parenting intentionally. I have read all the leading parenting books and have joined a few parenting groups. I don't think this would be for me."

    There is some reason you are still searching, or you wouldn't be reading this. I really do understand, because that was me. The problem is that there is something missing between the learning and the implementing. ************************************* This membership gives you the three necessary ingredients to make that bridge so that you are able to implement and parent in a new way: 1.The right information; 2. A supportive community; AND very importantly, 3. Support when you get stuck or derailed! *************************************And you will get stuck. You will be derailed. It happens to us all! That is usually when we either go back to our old habits or dig deep and try and figure out what went wrong and correct it. Being in this group will make it different this time!

  • "I really am not sure this is the right time to be spending more money."

    I could answer this is a variety of ways. I could point out that you are more than worth the investment. We often don't hesitate to spend money on our child, but really, your son will be the biggest benefactor of your joining The Sonhood Society. This investment will have immediate results but also will be paving the way for better years in the future as well. Truly, this is an investment! *************************************The more direct response would be to remind you that you are investing in you, your son, and your family for LESS than $1.00 a day. Kind of seems like a no-brainer.

  • "This all makes sense to me, but I am still on the fence. How can I decide?"

    When I feel like this, I follow a bit of a process. I make lists. Really - I get a piece of paper and divide it in half, Pros & Cons. I'd think about: What are the benefits from joining? Why do I want to join - for the knowledge, the community, the support? I'd recognize the 'facts' and then delve into how I 'feel'. Do I like the idea of being part of a group where I feel like I am with 'my people'? Where I know I always have support both from a community of like minded parents of boys as well as an experienced, educated professional? ************************************* Then I would think about what's holding me back from deciding? Am I worried that, like other things I may have tried in the past, this might not work either? Am I worried that I might not feel accepted by the others? ************************************* Then I would visualize what life in my family could look like three months down the road. Would life be smoother? Would I be feeling more confident about raising my son? Would I start to see my boy happier, more content? And I would decide it was worth giving it a try - that I was worth it, and so was my son.

  • If you go through this process, and still have some questions just send them to me at [email protected] and I will reply right away. You need to feel this is the right place for you in order for it to be that.

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