What's inside?

  • What really is self-esteem & why is it so important?

    The core of self-esteem is 'Stable Internal Happiness', or a sense that oneself and the world are both good, despite the inevitable setbacks.

  • Finding out more about low, healthy, and inflated self-esteem.

    Recognizing the characteristics of low self-esteem in the 'Rebel, Imposter, or Victim,' will support you in creating a healthier sense of self in your son.

  • Considerations for different ages & stages.

    Explore how self-esteem is cultivated and expressed in five stages of development. Find out what it looks like when it is strong, and when it is not, and then how to build it up.

  • Caution With Praise

    Recognizing the difference between praise versus encouragement will impact how you are guiding your son through challenges and counter the negative effects that can unknowingly occur.

  • How to build self-esteem.

    Discover practical, everyday strategies and develop skills that will put your son, and keep him there, in the best possible position for a healthy sense of self.

Course curriculum

    1. What is Self-Esteem?

    2. What Does It Look Like?

    3. Recognizing Low Self-Esteem

    1. Recognizing & Supporting Self-Esteem

    1. The Next Stage for Developing Self-Esteem

    1. Self-esteem During the Upper Elementary Years

    1. Awareness During Late Adolescents & Beginning Teens

    1. Supporting Your Older Son's Self-esteem

About this course

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Kathy Imabayashi

Mom of a remarkable man, Educator, Parent Coach, Boy Advocate & Author.

The world our boys are growing up in has challenges that will require a growth mind-set and grit. The future is one we can't fully imagine or predict. The greatest asset we can arm our sons with is a strong and healthy sense of self-esteem. We are not born with low, healthy or inflated self-esteem; it is cultivated and developed through experiences and connections. With understanding, parents can provide the environment for their boys to be able to face the future with optimism and fortitude. It is a beautiful gift to give the most important person in your world - your son.


  • Why is self-esteem any different for a boy?

    Boys' self-esteem is more fragile due to the conflicting messages they receive about how they are supposed to act and feel as a male.

  • My little guy seems just fine. I don't think I need to do anything about self-esteem until he is in school.

    The sooner our son's begin to develop their sense of self-esteem, the stronger their foundation will be. By the age of five his sense of self-esteem will be well established.

  • There are so many courses for parents out there. Why should I take this one?

    This is for you if you want to intentionally parent your son, while being aware of challenges he may face due to being a male. This course is in manageable segments, with practical strategies to implement. Understanding how to provide an environment for your son to strengthen his self-esteem is providing him with tools that will greatly impact and influence his future.

Let's make sure this little cowboy wins his rodeo!

With a strong and healthy sense of himself, this little guy has unlimited possibilities for a life that is rich, happy and magical.