Welcome to adolescence!

Are you confused about your tween/teen boy?

Our young boys need compassion and kindness as they figure out how to adapt to the changes happening to them. 

They need us to be better equipped to share what is going on and reassure them that all boys do experience similar feelings, even if they never talk about them. 

Learn more so that you can help him navigate the highs and lows of adolescence and keep your relationship strong and connected.

Our Adolescent Boys!

Awareness & Knowledge = Intentional Parenting

    1. What is this new stage our boys are going through?

    1. Early, Middle & Late Adolescence

    1. The ups & downs of Puberty

    1. What was he thinking?

    1. Changes in Sleep

    1. Sex ed?

About this course

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Kathryne Savage Imabayashi

Course Creator

  • Who

    A Canadian nomad who has lived more years now as an expat than my country of birth. Canada, Japan, Lebanon, Thailand, Georgia and Qatar have all been called home. Passionate about supporting parents and their sons, to make both worlds better. No matter where you call home, boys globally need us to recognize and then take action to make this world a better place for everyone.

  • What

    Early Childhood Specialist. Master Degree in Education. Author. Parents of Boys Coach. Classroom teacher for more than 30 years. Founder of an international preschool in Japan. Educational leader positions for 16 years. I have discovered that boys and their parents, wherever they are, need more knowledge and support while raising their sons.

  • Why

    I read a book! It began a journey of more than three decades learning about the dichotomy of what society demands of our boys, and what our boys really need. Having a son stirred up a deep passion to learn and then share why our boys need us to do better, for their true emotional, inner world. I want to contribute to making the world better for my son, grandson, and all the males.

This course is for you if

  • Your son seems to be changing right before your eyes.

  • The way you used to connect and communicate just isn't working anymore.

  • He stays up much later and then can't wake up for school. Most days start with an argument!

  • He spends all of his time either with his friends or on his computer. We can't do anything as a family anymore without a major battle.

  • He seems like a mature young man one minute and then does something so stupid the next.

Give you & your son the best chance for not just surviving, but thriving through adolescence.