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THE BLUEPRINT: How To Intentionally Parent Your Son

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    1. Meet your instructor and course introduction

    2. The Fishing Trip that Changed Everything

    1. Let's get this party started!

    2. 'What are your thoughts?' quiz.

    1. Your Parenting Questions.

    2. Would you parent your son the same way you parent your daughter? Let's find out.

    3. Top Tips: What Your Baby Boy Really Needs from You

    4. Kick Starting Communication Skills

    1. Your Parenting Questions.

    2. Understanding a Toddler's Big Emotions

    3. Communicating With Your Toddler

    4. The Building Blocks of Self-Esteem

    1. Your Parenting Questions.

    2. Understanding the Boy Code

    3. Timed Silence ~ what it is & why it's important you know about it.

    4. Did you hear me? No!

    1. Your Parenting Questions.

    2. Shame - an emotion that boys will try to avoid at all costs

    3. Behaviour & Emotions Connection

    4. Connection Through Action

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Kathryne Savage Imabayashi

Course Creator

  • WHO

    A Canadian nomad who has lived more years now as an expat than my country of birth. Canada, Japan, Lebanon, Thailand, Georgia and Qatar have all been called home. Passionate about supporting parents and their sons, to make both worlds better. No matter where you call home, boys globally need us to recognize and then take action to make this world a better place for everyone.

  • WHAT

    Early Childhood Specialist. Master Degree in Education. Author. Parents of Boys Coach. Classroom teacher for more than 30 years. Founder of an international preschool in Japan. Educational leader positions for 16 years. I have discovered that boys and their parents, wherever they are, need more knowledge and support while raising their sons.

  • WHY

    I read a book! It began a journey of more than three decades learning about the dichotomy of what society demands of our boys, and what our boys really need. Having a son stirred up a deep passion to learn and then share why our boys need us to do better, for their true emotional, inner world. I want to contribute to making the world better for my son, grandson, and all the males.

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  • Babies are babies! Is there really any difference in boys and girls at this stage?

    It is a fact that adults, often unconsciously, treat babies differently according to their gender. We are often unaware of how those hidden gender biases are negatively impacting our parenting.

  • I was raised to believe that you need to use a firm hand to raise a boy right.

    We need to be able to look behind our boys behaviours and see what the real emotion is that is driving that behaviour. Behaviour is usually a signal that something is not right in our boys' world.

  • My son is quite sensitive and I feel like I need to toughen him up before he heads out to school.

    You should understand your son's emotional world and support his uniqueness. Work with his school to provide acceptance of all kinds of characteristics in both boys and girls. Give your son a strong sense of self and he will be empowered to stay true to himself.

  • As my son gets older he seems to be more and more distant.

    The 'Boy Code' is what society tells our boys about how a real boy behaves. By understanding this you can help protect your son's emotional world and provide a space where he is free to show all of his vulnerable feelings. This deep connection will ensure the doors to communication stay wide open as he grows.

What will change as a result of taking this course?

If you are still on the fence, consider the transformation that will occur once you implement strategies and skills that you will learn in this course.

  • Your confidence will soar, armed with information that lets you begin to understand your son's world.

  • You will see that his misbehaviour is a signal to the fact that something is not well in his inner world.

  • Your expectations surrounding communication will alter, resulting in a deeper, more respectful connection.

  • Your new understanding of gender differences will provide for a more peaceful home environment

  • Your new awareness to recognize the multitude of unconscious biases in our every day lives will prevent them from impacting your parenting negatively.

  • You will be joining a group of parents ready to challenge the gender stereotypes and protect the emotional world of our boys.