1. Boys may face different societal expectations and challenges when it comes to expressing their emotions and need support and guidance to tap into their genuine feelings.

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7 Ways To Help Your Sons Express Love

  • Teach Empathy

  • Model Emotional Intelligence

  • Encourage Emotional Expression

  • Encourage Open communication

  • Practice Active Listening

  • Foster Relationships

  • Celebrate Emotional Expression

Kathryne Savage Imabayashi

Supporting parents raising their sons.

 Although I started out in Canada, my thirst for adventure has led me to a variety of places that I have called home. Whether in Canada, Japan, Lebanon, Thailand, Georgia or Qatar I have always been inspired to do my very best for children, their teachers and their parents. My expertise comes not only from 45 years working with children from toddlers to teens, but from all that I have learned while raising a male child myself. I have spent almost three decades researching the dichotomy between what our boys are and what society often tells them they are. Credentials: Canadian Teachers License; Bachelor of Science in Education; Master of Education.

Kathryne Imabayashi

Author, Early Years Specialist, Parent Coach

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